Even though the most nervous moments in my life are interviews, the one with BudBee India would surely not be a part of that ‘list’. The set-up of their office was enough to provide me with the mental comfort I needed. Instead of the stereotypical questions, I was asked about my music interest, and instead of being looked down upon for an incorrect answer, I was taught the correct one. Left motivated and excited after the meeting, I embarked upon my journey with BudBee India.


Being the youngest employee in the office, and diffident by nature, I actually blended in faster than usual with the warm, joyous and enthusiastic team. The relationship that each of them shares with one another is admirable, and being able to witness and be a part of their whimsical conversations used to make my day. The talented team members who I worked with were Arundhuti, whose cheerful nature brightened up the office environment, Navvidha, who patiently guided me throughout my internship, Ganesh, an all-rounder, who always volunteered to make coffee for everyone every time he was having, Sayak, who had a solution to every technical problem and with who I could share my gaming interest with, Debobrata, who is so punctual that he will not let that quality go even on a stormy day, Rahul, who willingly taught me new techniques and skills to enhance my knowledge in designing and Ananda sir, the leader of this passionate team, who I look up to for his innovative ideas and skills which has made BudBee India a success.


My time at BudBee India was all about being able to challenge my abilities and have people around me who supported me in doing so. What I respect the most about this organization is their work culture which makes it possible to have a positive environment that not only increases every individuals’ morale and efficiency but also makes them stronger as a team. Instead of a formal, authoritarian surrounding, at BudBee, there was 90’s Bollywood music in the background which made it an ‘oasis of serenity’ that triggered the creative bug in my head and got me in the mood to work. I got to learn beyond my field of interest by getting to be a part of their meeting for discussing a pitching session and researching for its presentation. My initial nervousness due to my limited knowledge of the required software, turned into confidence because of my fellow staff members’ constant guidance and help.


There were many positive take-away from my time here, at BudBee India, that made it all worth the challenge it presented at times. Not only was I able to develop my software skills, but also my communication and critical thinking skills. I am forever grateful for the memories I was able to make, the criticisms that motivated me, and of course, the platform that I was privileged enough to get to ‘get my feet wet’ in the real world of business, and I shall always be indebted to the entire team of BudBee India for making my experience worthwhile.