BudBee India was my first in-office internship and I went with the idea of having a boring corporate office experience, I was wrong. The interview was the most relaxed one, apart from seeing my works and few questions asked regarding my work, I was asked about my hobbies and the books I read and also the recent series I watched.

I was hardly treated as an intern who was there for a short period but as a member. The work environment was the most fun-loving and full of energy and positive vibes. Jokes and coffee were the two most common things. Also, the old Bollywood songs and Sunday suspense played sometimes made the perfect break required in between work periods.

Arundhuti di had this cheerful attitude which made me feel home, like an elder sister, she always guided me whenever needed and had the best comebacks to any jokes. Rahul da helped a lot and gave an insight to various design techniques, ideas and how to develop an eye for the right colour palettes, he willingly shared his success stories in answer to my weird questions like “A reputation of a graphic designer in work industries”. Navvidha di was the one who patiently guided me throughout, helping me to understand the different kinds of style clients like and working according to it. Sayak da had all the technical solutions at his hand, along with giving suggestions regarding soft wares and also comic books. Ganesh da always provided the helping hand silently and sometimes guiding me during the design process and also the best coffee maker according to the team’s reviews. Debobrata da, the serious of all was always with his work with full concentration, completely unhindered by what is happening in the surrounding. Finally Ananda da, the leader of the whole team, he kept the whole environment cheerful and full of positivity while keeping the work ethics. Work and fun both had its own time. Special mention about Aunty who shared with me some very pleasant stories and conversations which always had a motherly touch. The friendly relation everyone shared was a thing to admire.

Along with getting to know these amazing people, I learned many things about designs, soft wares, work ethics, communication skills and also how not to keep a workplace boring. Learning to put the college knowledge into the actual business world was a big deal but thanks to everyone, I gained the confidence to deal with it, the mild criticisms, the reworks, the appreciations all helped to boost the non-existent confidence. How tight deadlines were met with everyone working as a team was also a big experience I received. In spite of the tiring college days, I honestly looked forward to going to my internship due to the knowledge I gained every single day, to be a part of this team and the amazing experience that came along with it.