Smart enough to answer the question? What’s the new “G-Spot” in SEO?

Has it put your brand in a SPOT of concern?

First things first, if you were expecting adult content, you’ve missed the FUN PUN

With this new update on Google’s content moderation or rather a “syndicate-ish” demand from the News Agencies be it Australia or India (a more recent demand), where the G-iant needs to pay to show news content on their engine and that too from the AD Revenue collected in the state (Read country) advertising on Google is bound to become expensive. So marketers, what do you do next? You’ve been ignoring organic SEO for quite some time now. Websites that are low scoring on page ranks have pushed their way into the prime positions on search engines using deep purses and heavy keyword auction skills. But with this new deal breaker, your ROI from Google Ads will take a severe hit. In India especially, where the demand currently stands at 85% of ad revenues.

We can debate the move to some extent. But isn’t it time for your brand to be smart enough with your #DigitalSkills ?

  1. Make a checklist for your website and execute them properly (don’t skip steps cos Google won’t)
  2. Create enough backlinks (it is a world that runs on PR… Don’t overdo it though)
  3.  Create content that engages or at least captures the interest of the fly-bys (Content is the KING)
  4.  Be present where it matters (Do not restrict yourself to a single platform. It is an ocean of opportunities out there)
  5.  Get creative with your expression. You’ll stay on the mind longer
  6.  Be innovative with tools that are available. Educate yourself (and you thought school was done and dusted with!)
  7.  Invest in organic reach. That earns you more revenues than bots and blasts (it’s still 2021 and it ain’t sci-fi enough YET for robots to have shopping lists)
  8.  Think of collaborations out of the box

Make digital goals a Star-pointer on your media planners and see the difference in your revenues. Your audience is smart enough to differentiate and filter out Ads from genuine relevant results and they are more likely to overlook you if you don’t move fast (in the right direction). You can hire pros that think beyond common ideas or learn the art of this WAR yourself. With the world going digital, if you aren’t where they are, you ain’t gonna make the cut.

Think Smart Digital and hit the G-Spot everytime (it is always a PLEASURE when you connect with the right audience).


Ananda Ghosh

Ananda Ghosh – is a person who loves Physics. He is one of the founders of Budbee India. He is an ardent follower of Global Innovative Inclusions, be it in the field of Digital Marketing or in the space of Experiential Marketing. An Orator by choice and a part-time Geek! “With a Guided and Mentored approach”, is his way of training his team to fill in his shoes.