Learn how to market yourself and your business on Pinterest. Improve your Pinterest Marketing with the following DOs and DON’Ts, Tips and Tricks, and be inspired by the Market leaders.
Still wondering, why ‘Pinterest’?

Pinterest has evolved into the way we search for things – it’s super visual and fast!
Statistics show that 86% of Pinterest users have made purchasing decisions, because of Pinterest.

7 Things to do on Pinterest:

  1. Pin Consistently – at least 5 times a day, but spaced out
  2. Use text within images
  3. Create the right-sized images – with a ratio of 2:3 or 1:3.5
  4. Use better details for descriptions – but make them crisp & use correct capitalization and punctuation
  5. Tweet about Pinterest 2-3 times a week, post on Facebook once a week
  6. Schedule your Pins and Re-pins
  7. Use screenshots of pin(s) from your account to send via emailers

5 Things to NOT do on Pinterest:

  1. Do not Hashtag
  2. Do not mention promo information – 50% off / Three at the price of Two
  3. Do not use transactional CTAs – Buy Now!
  4. Do not put references to Pinterest functionality – Click here to pin
  5. Don’t be spammy, but comment on other’s pins

Content Strategy:

  • Create and make use of different boards
  • Make sure all the website links provided in Pins and Re-pins are working
  • Make sure the Infographics being pinned/re-pinned are relevant and not out of date
  • Grow followers by pinning daily, to be discovered easily

Pinterest for Mobile:

  • Great Content + Great Images + Mobile Optimized – is the key!
  • Close to 90% of the action on Pinterest comes from Mobile devices
  • Use readable fonts and keep the information in Bold
  • Make sure the top 3 boards on your account are the most 3 important boards for your Business


Scheduling Apps:

  • TailWindApp – lets you schedule pins/repins, and analyze your Pinterest performance. The entry-level is free for this platform.
  • BufferApp – lets you schedule, manage and measure pins


Quotes to remember, by Pinterest Influencers:

“Pinterest is about sharing ideas for YOUR future”

Evan Sharp, Pinterest Co-founder

“On Facebook, you connect with your old friends; Twitter is kind of here and now; Pinterest is all about the future”

Jeff Sieh, Host of The Manly Pinterest Tips Show, Social Media Consultant, Visual Storyteller, Speaker

“Spend a little time each day to pin, schedule and comment on the platform, as well as small pockets of time for research and image creation each week. You’ll be amazed what a little time and consistent effort can do to improve your results on Pinterest.”

Ishita Ganguly, Digital Marketing Strategist


Achieve success on Pinterest. Now you know how!