Branding and Identity

We believe in a strategic and holistic approach to branding that fuels business success. Marketing collaterals like flyers, posters, streamers, billboards, these are just some of the so many things you can use to shout to the world who you are. With BudBee by your side, you can be known all over places for what you are and who you are. Yes, we can create your identity, your brand and most importantly, your image.

Branding and Identity… 
Let the Whole World Know You!

How we provide services

Our process is supported by a strong quality assurance at every step. We believe in testing our documents, designs, UI & plans and help manuals for standards, thus ensuring consistency in performance every time. Our quality process is characterized by :

  • Brief documentation of understanding
  • Elaborate functional specification
  • Test plan report
  • Design prototype
  • Module wise test case development
  • Feedback management
  • Strong project management and coordination
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